About Coghlan's

The Brand

Coghlan’s maintains a singular focus: Make camping more enjoyable. This goal is met every year through the annual introduction of new products, adapting to campers' needs, and enhancing their outdoor experiences.

Today, you can spot Coghlan's products at your local Australian campground, on the trail, and just about any place where people are gathered around a campfire. Coghlan’s gear is used by first-time campers and experienced backpackers alike. The mission has been and continues to be making uncomplicated and reliable camping products that encourage people to get outdoors and make memories, regardless of their experience level outdoors.

The Gear

The Coghlan’s gear list is vast. With everything from mosquito head nets to emergency blankets, explore the range to ensure you’re prepared for a summer festival as well as a family camping trip. Coghlan’s is a world leader in outdoor accessories and essentials.

The Inside Story

Born in 1959 from a modest gas appliance store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, founder Norm Coghlan began selling a camp stove toaster as an add-on to the camping stoves and lanterns he was repairing.

From that simple camping toaster, Coghlan's began, evolving into a renowned name in the camping accessory market with a collection of over 400 reliable and user-friendly camping products cherished by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.