About Zkidon

The Brand

A simple solution to a frustrating conundrum, ZlideOn is the easiest way to repair a zipper.

Clever design eliminates the need for a tailor or seamstress to repair gear and apparel. From boots to backpacks, effortlessly clip and zip and get on with your day.

Multi award-winning, the ZlideOn proves how easy it is to fix a zipper and save your gear.

The Gear

Durably constructed from zinc and steel, ZlideOn is used by outdoor adventurers, parents rushing out the door, the British Military on assignment, and people just like you.

Replacing your broken zip is a straightforward 4 step process.

  1. Select the right size and finish for the zip you are fixing
  2. Clip off the old sliding zip
  3. Open your ZlideOn zip slider
  4. Clip onto your existing zip

Zip repairs have never been so easy!

The Inside Story

Invented and produced in a small village in Småland, Sweden, Zlide On saves gear and apparel from going to waste with a simple zip-repair system.

ZlideOn is available in a range of sizing to suit the task and finishes to suit the repair. Integrating the right zip slider for the task is easy. The range even includes waterproof zip sliders!