About Wrightsock

The Brand

Blissfully blister-free activity is a way of life with Wrightsock. The double-layer construction, coupled with the most technically advanced fibres available, delivers the best blister protection for active Australians.

With a sock for every situation, whether you’re running a marathon or hiking through the country, comfort and performance with no blisters are guaranteed!

The Gear

Painful blisters, even the threat of blisters, can hinder our performance or stop us in our tracks. Competition, repetition, and sports create extreme stress on our feet. These movements cause friction, moisture, and heat that can create blisters. Double-layered Wrightsocks eliminate the elements that create blisters so you can get on with your adventure.

The Inside Story

Wrightenberry Hosiery Mills is a 3rd generation family-owned and operated hosiery manufacturer in Burlington, NC, USA. The company was founded in 1948 in North Carolina, where all operations and productions proudly remain. Wrightsock takes pride in being a product made in America by American workers.

Runners and athletes the world over wear the Wrightsock name, the original no-blister sock. The game-changing double-layered concept and proprietary manufacturing ensures the best possible Double Layer® sock.