The Brand

The plan is a simple one: get more gold faster. The TurboPan range of gold prospecting tools has been cleverly designed for small-scale miners and hobbyists.

TurboPan can adapt to the situation, equally at home on a fun day out with the family prospecting without the need for complicated tools and accessories, or within the fast-paced world of competitive gold panning.

The Gear

The TurboPan gold pan is a sluice in a pan powered by gravity. The shallow circular sluice construction eliminates the problem of compaction that happens in the traditional “Klondike” pan. TurboPan doesn't require running water like a sluice, it simply maximises the effects of gravity, and the shallow depth means it can be used in puddles and troughs.

Whether you are a hobbyist out looking for a run or a crevice filled with gold or gold panning for a living, TurboPan is the right piece of prospecting equipment that gets all the gold easily and quickly.

Because TurboPan is shallow, the gold gets to the bottom faster. It acts just like a "sluice in a pan" – trapping all the gold in its extensive riffle system.

You'll improve your panning prospects with TurboPan. It's a better way to pan for gold!

The Inside Story

Designed by an Australian geologist and prospector with over 20 years of experience in mineral exploration and gold prospecting, the TurboPan has been a game-changer, introducing gold panning to a new generation.

Traditional steel Klondike gold pans can be slow, with varied results depending on the skill and enthusiasm of the panner. The innovative TurboPan design is easy for beginners to use, requiring less technique, with more consistent results.

All design parameters came about from rigorous testing in troughs and in the field. Importantly, the anti-clockwise swirling motion allows the full circumference of the pan to be used for waste ejection, which is a major advantage over the traditional "Klondike" pan, which tends to crowd the waste ejection over a small arc.

TurboPan remains proudly Australian-made and owned and continues to develop new prospecting accessories to complement and complete the panning experience.