High Trek

About High Trek

The Brand

High Trek pairs timeless Scandinavian design from Finland with South Pacific insight from Domex to deliver walking poles that exceed expectations for all budgets and topography.

What began as a summer training method for cross-country skiers evolved into a popular full-body exercise that engages the upper body muscles and the lower body.

High Trek offers an exciting range of hiking poles for all budgets and terrains, from collapsible compact poles to ultra-lightweight carbon poles.

The Gear

When it comes to tackling every terrain High Trek caters to all ages and stages. For those new to the world of trekking poles the entry-level collection offers a range of key design features at an accessible price point. For the experienced and discerning walker, High Trek boasts cutting-edge materials like lightweight carbon fibre, or travel-friendly folding poles to upgrade every step.

The Inside Story

From the highest peak to the local park, a pair of High Trek trekking poles helps to evenly distribute weight, increase stability, and absorb added shock to the knees and back across varying terrain.

Walking poles can assist a hiker in increasing average speed by supporting a rhythm with hands and feet working in cohesion. With each swing, arms are pushed back on the ground, propelling forward with every step. This is particularly helpful in maintaining momentum moving uphill.

Engage upper body muscles while walking and increase overall fitness. Using a pair of poles when hiking or tramping strengthens your biceps, pectorals, and triceps.