OSABrands have had over 35 Years’ experience in selling some of the World’s Best brands and we are confident of the quality of our products.

However, if the occasion should arise be assured that we will assist you with any issues or concerns you may come across. Please contact us at info@osabrands.com so we can assist you with your item.

Each brand is covered by the manufactures warranty covering the materials used and workmanship for a minimum of 12 months unless specified.

This warranty is extended only to goods which are used under normal conditions and are not damaged by intention. Articles, damaged by improper handling or usage, are excluded from this warranty. Normal wear and tear of materials coatings or zippers is likewise excluded from this guarantee.

Please contact us either by calling 03 9775 1916 or email us at info@osabrands.com

Please contact us and we will be able to guide you as to how and where you can return your product for us to assess.

We will endeavour to have your problem sorted out or to be in contact with you within 48 Hours (Excluding Weekends & public)

It is your responsibility to get the product back to us. Once we have evaluated the product it is our responsibility to return the replacement or the repaired product back to you

Yes. It is a Health Regulation Law that any product being returned MUST be clean before it is returned. (Particularly Now with Covid)

No. Whilst most things can be covered by warranty there are certain things that are not covered by warranty. These include.

  • Size Fit and Colour – our retailers go to a lot of effort to ensure they have the tools to fit you correctly right every time!
  • Normal Wear and Tear (e.g., zips, wheels): any aging of your Tatonka Pack or Bag that is a result of reasonable use. Damage caused by airline baggage handlers.
  • Any damage involving a foreign object; like a knife, rock, dragging, etc.

Q: Do you cover warranty if I purchase one of your brands overseas

A: Yes, we will still cover a warranty on a product purchased overseas as we want to make sure you are looked after and happy with the brand

Q: Can I drop my product into your factory in person to be looked at

A: Yes, we are open form 9am - 4pm during the week and you are welcome to drop your product off for assessment.