Huntech Womens Merino LS Top (black)

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Huntech Womens Merino LS Top (black)

Huntech Womens Merino LS Top (black)

$199.99 Sale Save
Title #8

  • 220gsm 54% NZ Merino / 46% Nylon

  • Nylon Outer for snag resistance

  • Merino against skin for warmth

  • Antibacterial

  • Slim fit

  • Classic fit round-neck pullover

  • Relaxed hem

  • Moisture Wicking

You want wool? We’ve got wool. Huntech's MAPP Certified Merino Base Layers are crafted with New Zealand wool, and strike a perfect blend of technicality and performance. These base layers provide all the antimicrobial and breathability benefits of wool against the skin, while the outer nylon layer protects the garments from snags and scrapes, making them a perfect option for hunters who demand both comfort and top-notch performance. No more compromising between natural fibres and synthetics, now you can have the best of both worlds!

Each piece in merino our line-up has been painstakingly designed and tested in New Zealand's diverse hunting landscapes. Here, where unforgiving weather and rugged terrains are par for the course, our MAPP Certified Merino gear proven its mettle. If you’re keen to gain the benefits of natural fibres, but without losing the durability and longevity of classic hunting gear, we’ve got you covered.

For information on the MAPP merino, check it out here.